Last Tuesday Of The Year

Jacket: H&M (similar) | Top: Zara (similar) | Jeans: Express (similar) | 
Boots: Shoedazzle (similar/love these) | Clutch: The Limited (similar

I had a nice long vacation and now back to reality. Having time off from “the norm” is not something I’m complaining about, but it can definitely be a weird situation getting back into the groove of things after you turned  your mind off from that reality. Does that make sense? I walked back into work yesterday all in a haze, like wait this doesn’t fee right. I had just spent all last week sleeping in like a teenager, eating like I wouldn’t gain a pound, binge watching TV shows and watching movies, opening presents and laughing with family, snuggled with my boo, oh and shopping like I had just won the lotto. Then a quick snap and I’m flushed with paperwork, phone to ear, fingers typing away at my computer. Well like I said, I can’t complain because starting New Year’s day I will have another short “getaway” with a 4 day weekend before I snap back into the busy busy reality again. How are you planning to spend your New Year’s night? I’m actually having a not so crazy night this year and just getting fancy for dinner, guzzling wine, and counting down the end of the year under the covers, cuddled with someone special. 
I have to say I am really looking forward to this year. 
I love how refreshing a new year feels, so I’m going to embrace it with open arms 
and check things off my bucket list while sticking to my goals instead of resolutions. 
Whose with me?! 
How do you feel about resolutions and which ones are you jotting down to stick to this year? 

With Love, 

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