Keep On Dreamin’

american eagle keep on dreamin' cardiganamerican eagle keep on dreamin' cardiganKeep On Dreamin’ Cardigan – on sale! | Black Tee | White Distressed Skinny Jeans | Black Sneakers – on sale! (similar) | Black Suede Baseball Cap (I want a cute one like this!)

What do you think of when you read those words, keep on dreamin’? Do you think of it as a way to tell those people hollering at you to keep on dreaming because they can’t ever have you ha, or do you think of your hopes and dreams, especially with the start of the new year? I definitely thought of the latter and have been thinking hard about the goals I want to achieve going forward this year. I remember being a little kid with so many big dreams and never thought that at almost 31 years old I would be where I am today or have lived such life or didn’t get to where I had imagined I would be at this age. Sure I’ve had set backs where things didn’t exactly go as I planned (in all the planners I love to buy at Target), but above all I’m happy and blessed to still be alive and living it each day. Last year one door closed in my life that led to me open my eyes to a door that was wide open. Funny how it happens that way, right?  Without going through door number 2, I wouldn’t have been able to do so many amazing things last year or going forward. Taking risks can really be rewarding it turns out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always sunshine and butterflies but a positive mind leads to a positive life. how to wear a suede baseball capLet me tell you something, keep on dreaming even if your dreams seem silly to others and go for what deep down your heart desires. Life is too short to keep worrying about what everyone else thinks because at the end of the day you live that life, no one else, so do it the way you want. Then, hustle that booty to get where you need and show all the naysayers they were wrong about you. I remember all the times I broke down crying because my life wasn’t going as planned and I watched everyone else win, thinking when am I going to win, yet I was the one sitting there crying instead of putting my big girl pants on to go get what my heart was pounding about inside. Good things come to those who hustle remember. Then there was always that fear of failure…but let me tell you, all that does is literally push you further away from killing it on top. Don’t let your dreams stay as dreams, go live them, you are the only road block. how to wear athleisure styleOkay, enough motivational speaking for today as my dream has never been to be a preacher, just wanted to share some “food for thought” while sharing this amazing cardigan. What goals did you set for 2017? I think I made goals for all of life’s categories like health, wealth, travel, happiness, etc. One thing is for sure….this year I’m going to keep on dreaming…dreaming about my dreams, ways to keep pushing myself even further, and all the goals I will crush. express mid rise distressed skinny jeanshow to wear athleisure styleamerican eagle keep on dreamin' cardigan

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