Closet Update: Loungewear & Lingerie Lovelies

Have you ever gotten that spark where all of a sudden you feel the need to empty your wardrobe 
and start from scratch? Yeah, I feel like that way too often. 
At the same time, I feel like I need to put myself on a strict budget, 
curve my shopping habits, and start getting more creative.
I seem to be talking about this pretty frequently and after a weekend of sale/impulse shopping,
I realized I need to do some re-evaluating when it comes to my current situation.

Hanky Panky Panties (variety) / Silk Top / Bralette
Slippers (my absolute favorite pair!) / Romper / Pants / T-Shirt Bra (so comfortable – FAV!)
Bralette / Chemise (also love this Kimono) / Bralette (more options)

Here comes my attempt at spring/summer cleaning. Part one.
I decided to start with the hidden gems buried in not one, but two big dresser drawers.
When it comes to what I have tucked away, I tend to store lounge-wear, undergarments, swimwear, workout attire, shorts, and jeans. I use to hang all my jeans but I own way too many and with a small closet I decided it was best to fold them in a drawer. I personally wish I could hang everything since I feel it’s easier for me to gravitate towards something I can see. I’m one of those hoarders who tucks things away and forgets about them and then all of a sudden I have two.

Starting with the undergarments which are in the first drawer, I realized for one I own too many underwear that it was difficult to open/close. Like who needs that many when you know you gravitate towards your favorites. But hey that’s what happens when you are constantly buying 7/$27 pairs at Victoria’s Secret. So then out went maybe 50 old pairs, as well as a handful of bras.
I realize now how refreshing it feels seeing all the pretties lined up and organized.
{Hmm maybe I should get those drawer dividers?}
After a loud sigh, I opened the drawer for my night apparel and loungewear.
I almost closed it as quick as I opened it but I took a big gulp of wine to help me press forward.
Out went everything.
Not to get rid of entirely but to put back more organized.
I often times get lazy once they are laundered and just throw them back in the drawer.
But going through them I realized I needed to change things up a bit.
By that I mean getting more of the nicer things rather than so many “plain jane” shorts and tanks.
Boring, yeah?

Which brings me to this post.
I drafted up a few goodies I am on the hunt for or recently purchased,
to bring some life to my wardrobe.
I’m talking lace, silky nighties, bralettes, and comfortable pieces to switch up my current situation.

If you have any recommendations for great pieces or how you organize your drawer, please do share!
Check back soon for another post on workout attire and swimwear goodies!

With Love,

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