All In The Details

It’s funny how when you get new things you just want to wear them all right away,
 therefore it happens at times that they all come together into one outfit.
I have been pretty colorful lately welcoming what seems to be the arrival of spring,
so I decided to go for a darker look to change it up with a favorite color combo, black and grey.
I’m one of those people that are drawn towards details so when I see pieces that have interesting things going on, I can’t help but want it. I was shopping for shoes (as always) at ALDO and at the register I kept staring at this chain bag. After doing a double take 10 times, I decided to add it to my purchase. This color isn’t available online but they do have a nude or black one if you’re interested.
There are days when I’m a lover of a big bag and other times I just want to carry a small crossbody.
This bag is perfect for work/school or as a tote for travel.
On the same day I ventured from store to store and I snagged these leggings, because I was in love with this pair that I got recently, which are both really comfortable.
I also picked up this poncho cardigan that was too good not to get in another color.
I love the grey as a basic color but this combo won me over.
I already purchased these lace up boots a few months back and naturally got the brown as well,
but they are a great edgy boot that remind me of timberlands with a heel.
Usually when I have something I want to wear that makes more of a statement,
I like to have it be the focus of the outfit,
however I couldn’t resist wearing a combination of these new goodies. So I decided to go for an edgy-casual approach, with pieces that are simple up top and more detailed below.
This look is very similar to what I wore a few weeks back, but less of an athleisure style, with the boots.   I guess my mind didn’t reach too far when putting together this look. #sorry-not-sorry

Poncho Cardigan: H&M (grey in store) | Shirt: Target

Leggings: Express | Boots: Forever 21 | Chain Bag: ALDO (purchased in store)
With Love,

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